Thomas Baltzar - Complete Works for Unaccompanied Violin

16 tracks - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 51Mb


Prelude in G major
Allemande and Variation in G minor
Courante in G minor
Sarabande in G minor
Prelude in C minor
Allemande in C minor
Allemande in B-flat major
Sarabande in B-flat major
Allemande in C major
Sarabande in C major
Prelude in G major (2)
Allemande in B minor by John Jenkins, with Variation by Baltzar

A Set Of Tunings (scordatura)
I. Allemande in A major
II. Allemande in A major (2)
III. Courante in A major
IV. Sarabande in A major

Patrick Wood, violin

"Thomas Baltzar is a little-known German violinist and composer who is getting a well-deserved airing in this new premiere recording...This CD represents his complete output of unaccompanied violin music, and is also the first-ever recording of this once-innovative music. What’s so striking about the pieces is their early use of polyphony. One immediately thinks of Bach when hearing the pieces; though composed around 1660, 25 years before Bach’s birth, it’s almost as if they are primitive strains of his writing. Baltzar’s compositions stand out for their early use of double-stops and scordatura... British-Mexican violinist Patrick Wood thoughtfully plays the works. His tone is even, pure, and warm, and his intonation is spot-on. His light, gentle playing adds just the right shimmer to the simple beauty of each short piece."

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