The Ancient Miracles

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The Ensemble Für Frühe Musik Augsburg is rightly counted among the leading groups for "authentic" medieval music. In their most vivid manners they appeal directly to the listener and show us that "authentic" must not mean antiquated, dusty, or academical. This compilation of the CD releases the ensemble has issued until 1995, is a special listening experience: entertaining, because the pieces are selected and arranged so that the maximum is achieved in variety. It is also used to span the entire measure by music, from Gregorian chant through the anonymous Troubadourlied to elaborate polyphonic sacred songs of the early Renaissance. Purely instrumental performances are not forgotten. Lively (sometimes even "rock" or "jazzy" sounding!). The whole thing is so fresh and unused, therefore, that one can hardly believe that even the "most recent" works presented here are almost 500 years old! Everything is the result of the superior processing and interpretation of the Augsburg art, and show us how to perform this music up to date, without doing violence to her. The clear voice of Sabine Lutzenberger is a special treat. If it were possible, I would give 7 stars! (Amazon review)


Monch von Salzburg: Caldy valdy
Anonymous: Tempus transit gelidum - Vrowe ih pin dir undertan
Anonymous, Spanish: Rodrigo Martinez
Wolkenstein, Oswald von: Nu rue mit Sorgen
Anonymous, Manuscrit du Roi: La Septime Estampie Real
Muset, Colin: Voles oir muse Muset, trouvere song
Wolkenstein, Oswald von: Ave Mater, for 3 voices, K 116
Anonymous: Wer das Elend bauen will
Anonymous: Resurgentis Domini
Hildegard of Bingen: O felix anima, response for St Disibod
Anonymous, Worcester Antiphonarium: Fulget celestis curia
Hildegard of Bingen: O magne pater, antiphon
Reuenthal, Neidhart von: Mayenzeit (attributed)
Janequin, Clément: Il estoit une fillette, chanson for 4 voices, M. 3/77
Vogelweid, Walther von der: Under der linden
Vogelweid, Walther von der: Annus novus in gaudio
Wolkenstein, Oswald von: Frölich, zärtlich, lieplich, K 94
Thibault IV, King of Nava: L'Autrier Par la Matinee
Thibault IV, King of Nava: Promat chorus hodie
Clairvaux, St. Bernard de: Laetabundus exsultet fidelis chorus
Clairvaux, St. Bernard de: Kyrie Rondello
Clairvaux, St. Bernard de: Ave Mater O Maria
Azzaiolo, Filippo: Ti parti, cor mio caro
Susato, Tylman: Het derde musyck boexken...alderhande danserye

Ensemble Für Frühe Musik Augsburg

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