All in a Garden Green: Four Seasons of English Music

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Music by John Playford, William Byrd, Nicola Matteis, Nicholas Lanier, Gottfried Finger, William Lawes, Henry François de Gallot, Anonymous, William Croft, Henry Purcell, Thomas Morley, Thomas Ravenscroft, Henry Eccles.

1. Chirping of the Nightingale / Chirping of the Lark (The English Dancing Master, 1651 edition)
2. John come kiss me now (The Fitzwilliam Virginal Booke c.1618 / The Division Violin, 1685 edition)
3. Va poco di manera Italiana / Aria Amorosa (Book I and IV of Aires in 3 Parts, 1676/85)
4. No more shall meads be deckt with Flowers (Select Ayres and Dialogues, The Second Book, 1669)
5. Ciaccona (Airs Anglois, Vol. 4)
6. Glory of the West / The Goddesses (The English Dancing Master: edition 1651)
7. Can beauty’s Spring (Autograph songbook, #22)
8. Chaconne (Pieces de Guittarre de Differends Autheurs)
9. Now ye Spring is come (Elizabeth Rogers Hir Virginall Booke, 1656)
10. Ground after the Scotch Humour (Ayrs for the Violin, Part 4)
11. Ground in C Minor (from Suite No. 3, D. 221)
12. Sweeter than Roses (Incidental Music to Pausanius, Z. 585, 1695)
13. Greensleeves (The Division Flute, first part)
14. All in a Garden Green / Onder een linde groen (The English Dancing Master, edition 1651 / Secular keyboard works)
15. Stanes Morris / The Glory of the Sun (The English Dancing Master, 1651/2)
16. O Mistress Mine (The First Book of Consort Lessons, 1599)
17. The Woods so wild (The Fitzwilliam Virginal Booke, c.1618)
18. The Chestnut / Autumn (Elizabeth Rogers Hir Virginall Booke / The Fairy Queen, Z. 629/35)
19. Aria (2nd Book of Aires in 3 parts, 1676)
20. Cold and Raw (The English Dancing Master, 1686 edition)
21. When a cruel long Winter (The Fairy Queen, Z. 629/31, Act IV)
22. Remember O Thou Man (Melismata, 1611)
23. Virgin Queen / An Italian Rant (The Dancing Master, 1702, 1657 editions)
24. A Division on a Ground (The Division Violin, 1685 edition)
25. Here the Deities approve (Welcome to all the Pleasures, Ode for St Cecilia’s Day, Z. 339)

Ensemble Le Tendre Amour

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