Antonio Vivaldi - Naive Edition

43 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - 43 RAR 6.19Gb

The National University Library in Turin houses several extremely important musical collections, including over 450 Vivaldi manuscripts, many of them autographs. With the purpose of exploring this immense heritage and bringing to life many unpublished works, the Instituto per i Beni Musicali in Piemonte, in concert with Naïve Classique and the Library of Turin, has undertaken to record a complete edition on CD of the Vivaldi scores held in Turin.


VIVTDP00 - Il Furioso
VIVTDP07 - Stabat Mater Concerti sacri Clarae Stellae, Scintillate
VIVTDP08 - Concerti da Camera
VIVTDP10 - Juditha Triumphans
VIVTDP11 - Concerti per Flauto Traversiere
VIVTDP12 - La Senna Festeggiante
VIVTDP13 - Concerti e Cantate da Camera I
VIVTDP14 - l Concerti di Dresda
VIVTDP15 - L'Olimpiade
VIVTDP16 - La Verità In Cimento
VIVTDP17 - Mottetti
VIVTDP18 - Vespri per l'Assunzione di Maria Vergine
VIVTDP19 - Sonate da Camera
VIVTDP20 - Concerto Per Archi
VIVTDP21 - Orlando Finto Pazzo
VIVTDP22 - Concerti per Fagotto e Oboe
VIVTDP23 - Concerti e Cantate da Camera II
VIVTDP24 - Orlando Furioso
VIVTDP25 - Concerti per vari strumenti
VIVTDP26 - Concerti e Cantate da Camera III
VIVTDP27 - Arie d'Opera
VIVTDP28 - Tito Manlio
VIVTDP29 - Concerti per Violino I - "La Caccia"
VIVTDP30 - Arie Per Basso
VIVTDP31 - In Furore
VIVTDP32 - Griselda
VIVTDP33 - Musica per Mandolino e Liuto
VIVTDP34 - Concerti per Violoncello I
VIVTDP35 - Concerti per violino II - "Di Sfida"
VIVTDP36 - Atenaide
VIVTDP37 - Arie Ritrovate
VIVTDP38 - Concerti per violoncello II
VIVTDP39 - La Fida Ninfa
VIVTDP40 - Concerti per Violino III - "Il Ballo"
VIVTDP41 - Farnace
VIVTDP42 - Concerti per Oboe
VIVTDP43 - Gloria
VIVTDP44 - Armida al Campo d'Egitto
VIVTDP45 - Concerti per Fagotto I
VIVTDP46 - Ottone in Villa
VIVTDP47 - Arie per Tenore
VIVTDP48 - Concerti per Fagotto II
VIVTDP49 - Teuzzone
VIVTDP50 - Sonate da Camera a tre, opus 1
VIVTDP51 - Concerti per violino vol. IV "L'Imperatore"
VIVTDP52 - Concerti per violino vol. V "Per Pisendel""
VIVTDP54 - Concerti per Fagotto III
VIVTDP55 - Catone in Utica
 VIVTDP56 - Concerti per due violini e archi I
VIVTDP57 - Concerti per archi II
VIVTDPND - New Discoveries
VIVTDPND2 - New Discoveries II
VivFolViv - La Folie Vivaldi!

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missa de voce ha detto...

OMG thank u Branel i am really happy for listen to vivaldi edition on mp3 it is great great job , thanks a lot

Don Gato ha detto...

Awesome !

blondbearnl ha detto...

my favourite collection of c ds. vivaldi is so much fun, joy, passion. thanks a lot for this magnifient post!

Mikael ha detto...

hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana hamana .... THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

Gianni ha detto...

Amazing post

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanx a lot It's a GREAT post. This collection is up Bravo

AfricanOrchid ha detto...

wonderful collection. thanks so much :-)

Agrippina ha detto...

¡Grandioso!!! Gracias ;=)

Anonimo ha detto...

What's the file that contains The Four Seasons??? Thanks for all the cds. Ciao.

Bibixy ha detto...

Anon, Le 4 stagioni are not in the Biblioteca Nazionale di Torino so they don't appear in this opus.

But there's Alessandrini's:

and Kuijken's

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for answer me and for the links,Bibixy.

Anonimo ha detto...

Seems that the blog is fantastic.
Had a quick look so far.
Regarding the Naïve Edition of Vivaldi, I already bought all the volumes since the first one was issued... Except for "Ottone in Villa", VIVTDP46, but unless I do it wrong, I can't see it in the list. Can somebody help me?
Grazie mille.

Bibixy ha detto...

anonymous,look better...

Juan Carlos ha detto...

Grazie Bibixy
And Thanks for this Blog
Another version of Ottone I will enjoy...

Anonimo ha detto...

first of all, thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful music!

I'm sorry but I have an annoying question: I just don't understand how to bulk download the entire folder.. usually I use Rapidshare, doesn't it allow it?

thanks for your help


Bibixy ha detto...

Giulia, I'm afraid you'll have to download the files one by one because rapidfolder is not affiliated to rapidshare. It's just a way to protect the link from deletion, the best I managed to find.
My apologies and best wishes for a happy 2011.

Anonimo ha detto...

I understand, no need to apology, it will just take a little bit longer. ;)
Thanks again and happy 2011 to you too!


Anonimo ha detto...

Thank You Very Much Indeed.

voyager ha detto...

Started with "Orlando Furioso" because I was curious does it match older,famous version with Marilyn Horne and Victoria de los Angelos - just listened it right now and surprised how good it sounds - older version will always stay in my heart because I heard it first,but this one is note perfect! Thank you!

Anonimo ha detto...

viva el mejor "cura" del mundo !
saludos cordiales

Paulo Mota ha detto...

Thank you for the "VIVTDP46"!!
I saw it on FNAC today but it was 35€.

William ha detto...

Gracias por tan maravillosa colección. Sería posible resubir el archivo 48. El servidor indica que no está disponible. De nuevo muchas gracias y saludos desde Costa Rica.

Bibixy ha detto...

William, as soon as possible...

Barron ha detto...

I have embarked on the project of downloading this whole collection, and am well along in doing so.

VIVTDP39.rar appears on the Uploaded and Filefactory pages, but when it comes to actually saving the file, I get the message that "the file cannot be found". I don't see it listed on the Nornar site, though the files names are not organized there. Help?

Barron ha detto...

VIVTDP40.rar fails in the same way as 39. Nornar allows the user to start the download, but the download fails. A second attempt gives the "File Not Found" message.

Bibixy ha detto...

I Barron, I checked voll 39 & 40 and downloaded both from uploaded. I was successful. Then I checked with Nornar and FF... the RAR are there and were downloaded around 500 times so I guess they're OK too. VIVTDP39 is more than 200mb big so maybe this could be a limitation for free user but VIVTDP40 is 100mb! I can only suggest you use a download manager and give you the direct links for those files:

Good luck!

Barron ha detto...

Thank you for your reply. I'll keep working at it.

Is there a download manager that you like? I have tried a couple and found them to be more frustrating than useful.

Bibixy ha detto...

Sometimes I use JDownloader, it works OK but it takes a long time to load itself and it can be quite heavy with your RAM.